WELCOME to Pal Toys Online!

“Uncle George”  opened the doors of Pal Toys™ in Phoenix, Arizona during the summer of 1959.  The store quickly became known for its GIANT TEDDY BEAR sitting by the front door.  Children from all parts of Arizona would beg their parents to take them to “Pal Toys”. 

Uncle George encouraged children to play with the toys in the store, and kids would call Pal Toys the Toy Store version of “Disneyland”.  Families that couldn’t afford new toys knew that Uncle George would make them feel welcome and let their children play with the latest and most popular toys.

Uncle George had “Santa’s eye for toys”.  He had been a big fan of Lego’s original WOODEN building blocks.  In 1958, Lego had introduced their now famous plastic block. When he opened Pal Toys, Uncle George felt this new amazing, creative toy would be a hit – and he immediately featured Legos at Pal Toys.

The rest, as they say, is HISTORY…

This new “customer centered – kid centered” approach to selling toys became a hit.  Big companies entered the Toy market forcing “the little guy” to close… for a while.

Now, Uncle George’s Pal Toys has taken on new life – online.  This time, Pal Toys IS the big company because we treat every one of our customers like they are family.

Welcome to Pal Toys™ Online. And remember… feel free to PLAY WITH THE TOYS!